St. Charles Endowment
- $5 Million


Financial Aid

To date, the St. Charles Endowment Fund has helped make it possible for the school to continue to meet the charge of our founder, Bishop James Hartley, that no qualified young man would be prevented from receiving a St. Charles education because of his family’s inability to pay tuition.

This year, St. Charles is providing nearly $1.5 million in tuition assistance and support to qualified students and their families. Over 53% of the school’s student body receives some type of assistance. Those figures will only continue to increase.

The endowment fund serves as the very example of the power of foresight. It was established in 1987 with just $35,000 by alumnus Harry Thoman ’47 and other members of the St. Charles Advisory Board. Thirty-one years later, the school’s efforts and generosity of our community have helped us grow that fund’s value to more than $18 million. Without those monies, we would have found ourselves unable to assist the most-needy of our qualified families.

Academic Scholarships

There is much competition among high schools to attract the best and brightest students in Central Ohio, and St. Charles is among them. This year, St. Charles awarded $405,000 in the form of one-year and four-year renewable academic scholarships. These are offered based on the results of the school’s 8th Grade Scholarship Test offered each January.

Faculty Recruitment & Retention

The strength of St. Charles is not only measured by the caliber of its students, but also the quality, integrity and commitment of its faculty. Without these men and women dedicated to implementing the mission of the school, St. Charles could not continue to produce the college-prepared, future Christian leaders as it has for the last 95 years.

Catholic schools face the challenge of competing for and retaining a strong faculty based on salaries and benefits provided to teachers in the public school system. St. Charles has sought to develop and provide additional benefits and salary enhancements to assist in faculty recruitment, professional development and retention.

We now provide tuition assistance for faculty and staff with children in the Diocese of Columbus’ school system. St. Charles also provides tuition support to those members of the faculty and staff for their continuing education.


“As both an alumnus and the parent of a graduate, I have experienced and witnessed the benefits a St. Charles education can impart on young men during their formative years. This school teaches hard work, discipline, brotherhood and provides a faith-based moral compass.

I am reminded of a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson that my favorite teacher at St. Charles used to recite: ‘Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seed you plant.’ I hope you will consider supporting this initiative as together we plant the seeds of tomorrow’s leaders by supporting our Vision for
the Future.

Please join me and help St. Charles continue to build leaders for the next generation, and many more to come.”

Paul G. Heller, Class of 1982
Initiative Chairman