New Facilities
- $10 Million


New Building that Houses a Gymnasium, Science Labs and Classrooms

The St. Charles Gymnasium, constructed in 1931, has been well-cared for and received enhancements over the years. However, its HVAC system and court size continue to provide concerns and challenges. Similarly, science labs have been updated several times to accommodate the school’s student body which has nearly tripled since 1925. The sheer number of students and limited number of class periods in the day require larger and newer facilities. St. Charles would also like to enhance and expand one of the school’s most cherished and oldest landmarks, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, constructed in 1931, as well as its surrounding area.

New Facilities/Space that Support Our Student Life

While scholarship is and must always be the primary aim of a college preparatory education, such qualities as loyalty, dependability, initiative, leadership and cooperation are integral attributes of a truly educated man. In addition to physical well-being, St. Charles is concerned with spiritual growth of its students. Campus organizations offer a wide range of activities for such development.

St. Charles has 15 varsity sports and numerous other clubs and organizations encompassing all types of interests and abilities. Currently 70% of our students become involved in at least one activity each year. Oftentimes, however, limited space on campus means that some activities must be scheduled later into the evening when it would be better for the student to be
home studying.


“As a graduate, I am convinced that I received the most important part of my education at St. Charles Preparatory School. The priests and teachers gave me something priceless which will stay with me the rest of my life. Many of those men are gone now, but I believe I can honor and repay them, in part, by strongly supporting St. Charles, the school which gave me so much.”

Richard Stedman, Class of 1954
St. Charles Advisory Board (Emeritus)