Campus Expansion & Future Growth
- $5 Million


Future Real Estate Purchase and Development

Nearly all of the space in our existing campus facilities – if not all Main Campus’ acreage – is being actively utilized for learning, recreation and parking. We must begin to plan now to acquire space to expand structures used for learning and co-curricular activities.

Studies and evaluations have indicated that if such facilities need to be built on the Main Campus, there would be a necessity to relocate current athletic facilities. Such examples include the school’s purchase of land for the construction of the Robert D. Walter West Campus in 2013 and the Robotics and Mentoring Center in 2018.

Expansion of Campus

From our inaugural graduating class of 26 young men in 1927, today’s student body stands at more than 620 students. Over that time, St. Charles has seen its enrollment increase steadily, including several periods of unprecedented and unexpected growth. Thanks to the original size of the campus, its existing buildings, and the generosity of our community, St. Charles was able to adapt and meet its growing numbers by repurposing, updating and expanding its facilities on those occasions.

We are confident that, as the importance of education continues to increase, teaching requirements change, and Central Ohio’s population increases, we will see our student enrollment increase. While we need and wish to enhance existing academic and athletic facilities, we know future growth will challenge them at their current capacity.


“Our family strongly supports quality Catholic education. We believe in setting high expectations for our children so they are empowered to achieve great things.

St. Charles provides our sons with a supportive environment that encourages hard work and perseverance. We have seen first-hand the growth and development of our three sons from young boys to men who are strong in their faith, active in the community and prepared for college. They have benefited from the brotherhood of St. Charles. It is entwined into the fabric and culture of the school and all of its families.

Most importantly, we have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Karen and Christopher Eramo, St. Charles parents