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$20 Million Initiative

After conducting a detailed study of the Four Pillars of our Vision, and having sought input from our community and after thoughtful consideration, the St. Charles administration and its Advisory Board have determined that the school should embark on a special five-year initiative to raise $20 million dollars.
These funds will address needs in three critical areas:


$5 Million

Financial Aid

Academic Scholarships

Faculty Recruitment and Retention

Operating Expenses


$10 Million

New facilities/spaces that support our student life

New building that houses a gymnasium, classrooms, labs and lecture halls


$5 Million

Development and enhancement of facilities on current campuses

Future real estate purchase and development

The Vision for the Future Initiative

The St. Charles administration and members of the St. Charles Advisory Board, in order to prepare future generations of Carolians, have worked to prioritize goals that are fundamental to creating a learning community with a strong Catholic identity and a diverse student body and faculty. These goals are meant to clearly communicate the mission of the school and secure resources to meet future challenges brought about through growth and modernization – far into our next century.

As The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education, St. Charles understands the challenges that lie ahead. Through a comprehensive review of the current environment, we recognize that our students’ learning characteristics and the manner in which they receive and process information is changing. St. Charles must be prepared to provide the necessary technology, tools and spaces to create a positive learning environment. This requires careful and forward-looking planning, beginning immediately.

It is imperative that action be taken, allowing us to continue to produce leaders for generations to come.

Building Leadership for the Next 100 Years

Pillars of Our Vision



  • To recruit and maintain a student body that reflects Central Ohio’s multiplicity of socio-economic backgrounds and empower them with the skills to engage in critical thinking.
  • To foster a faculty which reflects the diversity of our student body serving as strong instructional leaders and role models for our students.
  • To help provide additional benefits assisting in the professional development, recruitment and retention of our teachers.

Student Body & Faculty



  • To establish new programs and modify existing activities that help make clear to St. Charles students the importance of developing a strong personal relationship with God.
  • To continue to emphasize and teach the students and faculty of our school the charisms of our school’s patron, St. Charles Borromeo.
  • To foster the knowledge that we are “Our Brother’s Keeper” and emphasize local, national and international opportunities for the students, faculty and parents to serve others.

Spiritual Growth



  • To acquire, sustain and grow the physical and financial resources needed to carry forward our mission of assisting the young men of Central Ohio.
  • To adopt, apply and integrate sound and appropriate technological advancements and tools that will be beneficial to teaching and learning.
  • To pursue ways to maximize use of our existing campus facilities. To also be proactive in acquiring and developing land/space to meet the changing academic needs of our students and future enrollment growth.

Facilities & Resources



  • To develop and communicate the St. Charles brand to all stakeholders, including current and prospective students, their families, alumni and friends.
  • To continue developing new relationships with top-tier college admission offices, sharing our “St. Charles story” and the impressive accomplishments and abilities of our graduates.
  • To ensure that the public and school communities in the greater Central Ohio area are continually exposed to the attributes of our students and the quality of the education St. Charles provides.

Strategic Marketing of St. Charles